Combined, our five instructors have nearly 150 years of dancing experience! They are busy working moms and young women:

  • Regan Williams  is an experienced teacher-librarian currently managing time between three schools: Milestone, Pense and Grand Coulee for the Prairie Valley School Division
  • Cindy McFadyen is a psychologist with a teaching background with Child and Youth Services for Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region
  • Bonnie Mancinelli is a communications professional with the City of Regina
  • Paula Krasiun-Winsel is a film school graduate currently per suing a second degree in Psychology at the University of Regina

The instructors are volunteers and do try their absolute best to give your children a good experience. Along with learning to dance and appreciating Romanian culture, they feel it is very important for children to have fun and make friends. The five of together have developed great friendships over the years through the dancing connection and hope it could be the same for your children.   Both Cindy and Regan have children currently participating in the dance ensemble.

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